Safety at LoveRealm

For the sake of your own safety, please do follow these general guidelines:

1. Beware of individuals who request that you send money to them outside this app.

2. We encourage giving as it is an avenue for God’s blessings, however the most secure way to give online via this platform is to send money via LoveRealm’s secure payment system. Only institutions/organizations that are individually verified by our staff are allowed to accept payments via this platform, thus the most secure way to give online is via LoveRealm’s payment system

3. When physically meeting friends you made online, it is advisable to meet in public places.

4. If any user on this platform is behaving suspiciously, please do well to report them on their profile. You can also directly message our security staff here, and we will act accordingly.

LoveRealm automatically blocks nude and profane words.

Our community managed watchdog team of volunteers ensures that accounts and content that violate our terms of service and policies are removed. You are invited to join as a watchdog here.

If you feel uncomfortable about a user, you can:

  • Block them. This way, you will no longer see posts from them and they can no longer communicate with you.
  • Unfriend or unfollow them

You can report a user who violates our terms and services

All churches and organizations that accept payment on LoveRealm have been voted and verified by our safety team to ensure they are trustworthy.

Accounts of public figures and organizations of public interest are individually verified with a blue check mark showing by their account and posts. This way, users can know that these accounts are the authentic voices of those they represent.