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Become a community watchdog

Community watchdogs ensure LoveRealmers are safe by monitoring and reviewing posts/accounts to ensure that they do not violate LoveRealm’s Terms of Service. This ensures that the platform is clean, safe and sound for all believers that join in.

Chat room manager

Chat room managers ensure that LoveRealm’s discussion forums are kept sane and clean. They’d also typically lead and guide discussions to ensure that the forums are always lively.

Peer Counselor

Got some experience up your sleeve? Perhaps you could help counsel LoveRealmers going through the same issue as a peer counselor.

Invite your church

Help your church grow by inviting your church leaders to create a page on LoveRealm. LoveReam’s church growth platform is free to use and this will greatly benefit your church. See how here.

Prayer Warrior

Millions of Christians worldwide need your prayer support. As a prayer warrior, you will engage in praying for the needs of others and yourself.

Creative Contributor

As a creative contributor, you will harness and improve your writing and content creation skills by creating interesting stories on the platform. Various free tools and offers are available to creative contributors to ensure that they quickly grow their follower count on LoveRealm so as to become a voice to reckon with.

Become a LoveRealm Fellow

Join our extensive network of LoveRealmers on various student campuses across US, UK, Ghana and over 140+ countries. Campus representatives have access to sponsorship opportunities of campus programs as well a higher priority for job opportunities at LoveRealm post-graduation. Some of the best friends you’ll ever make in your life will be LoveRealm Fellows on your campus. In addition, Fellows have access to leadership seminars and opportunities.

Why become a volunteer?

As a volunteer, you will get the prestigious ‘V’ checkmark by your name. This mark will show by all your posts on LoveRealm. It also shows on your profile. In addition, each volunteering opportunity has its unique benefits. Ultimately, the blessings of God is superior to anything we could offer you.

Volunteer at LoveRealm

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